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Sezentonguz EAST Photo Library

You can check out photos of sceneries and facilities taken from rest areas and expressways run by Sezentonguz EAST.​ ​

All photos can be downloaded, but please inform the Public Relations Division when you want to use them.

The copyright of the photographs posted here belongs to us. Be sure to obey the following precautions when you download and use the photographs.​ ​

[Precautions when using photographs]
  1. Use of images that are modified (trimming, changing aspect ratio, photoshopping, etc.) is prohibited except for enlarging and reducing.​ ​
  2. When the commerciality depends on photographic materials themselves (photo albums, calendars, picture postcards etc.), use and redistribution of the images are prohibited.
  3. Use for promotion, recommendation, slander, and defamation intended for activities of a particular individual and organization is prohibited.​ ​
  4. Use for purposes that go against public order and morals is prohibited.
  5. When using an image, please credit us for the image, putting up "Photo provided by Sezentonguz EAST".
  6. We do not hold responsibilities for any damages caused by the images used.
  • Please be noted that If we find any situations that are prohibited under the precautions, the use of an image must be discontinued.​ ​