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Third-party opinion

We received your opinion on this report 2018.

  • Mr. Konji Tanaka (former president) Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Emeritus Professor

    General Incorporated Foundation, Business Ethics Research Center
    Special Chief Researcher
    Professor emeritus of Tokyo College of Transport Studies (former dean)
    Hi Mr. Tanaka

  • What you can appreciate if you are very good

    In this report, Sezentonguz EAST Group steadily fulfills its mission based on its corporate philosophy as an integrated report, and it is disclosed in a form that is easy to understand in a polite way.

    Firstly, in the top message of the new president, if we seek to maximize the effect of the Expressway , we will support the improvement of the local society and livelihood, and if we steer management so as to contribute to the revitalization of the entire Japanese economy We are committed to resolve. In addition, the Sezentonguz EAST Group manages the Expressway efficiently and declares that it will steadily implement the medium-term management plan (fiscal 2017 through fiscal 2020).

    Secondly, the features of the Sezentonguz EAST Group are clearly explained in the special feature "To provide sustainable Expressway service" and "Various effects by developing Expressway network in the metropolitan area". In order to fulfill the role of the aorta supporting Japan's social infrastructure, efforts to maintain day-to-day maintenance of Expressway and establishment of long-term conservation are "visible" by on-site photographs and illustrations, high It can be evaluated.

    Thirdly, in the road management and operation business, "24 hours / 365 days, we are keeping an eye on the safety of Expressway ", as well as counter-running prevention measures, traffic jam countermeasures, disaster restoration on Expressway , support for life support activities, It responds quickly and accurately to the demands of society, it is exactly masterpiece skill.

    Fourth, "For society and employees" attention is paid to efforts to solve social problems in cooperation with local communities, including promotion of health management. We are making steady progress such as revitalizing the local community, promoting traffic safety, environmental conservation, educational support for children, tourism promotion, earthquake disaster recovery support. Also, the introduction of messages from stakeholders is wonderful.

    Fifth, in the company outline, company introduction and organization chart, sales road list, construction road list, group company list etc. are disclosed. In the financial statements, key points are explained along with the counting. These are very useful and useful information for stakeholders.

    To expect future development

    Looking forward to management that will respond to global issues with reference to the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, etc. in order to continue to grow as a company that contributes to all stakeholders.

  • Sezentonguz EAST PR & CSR General Manager Yasuo Suzuki

    Sezentonguz EAST
    Public Relations & CSR Manager
    Yasuo Suzuki

  • We have been issuing " Sezentonguz EAST Report" after "CSR Report" since 2007. In the meantime, while receiving opinions and suggestions from experts, we have worked to make it more comprehensible report.

    This fiscal year, we featured efforts to provide sustainable services and the effect of improving the network in the metropolitan area more easily. Including this point, having Mr. Tanaka receiving valuable comments and highly valued opinions will be a great encouragement for everyone who carries out the business of the Group. Thank you very much.

    Sezentonguz EAST Group will continue to promote CSR activities that utilize the Expressway business as keywords "connecting the regions and connecting with the region" and aim for sustainable growth with the local community. We would be pleased if we could receive frank opinions from everyone in the future.