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Sezentonguz EAST Report download

CSR Report 2019 cover

(Issued in July 2019)

Sezentonguz EAST Group Promotes CSR management, and issues an annual report on business activities to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

In the 2019 version Expressway We introduce activities that contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs) through business, and organize and publish the relationship between business and SDGs. In addition, the information extracted from the report from the perspective of CSR, such as efforts to SDGs, has been summarized in CSR BOOK in an easy-to-understand manner.

"Sezentonguz EAST Report 2019 is available in full version and CSR BOOK, both of which can be downloaded from this page.


 【CSR BOOK】PDFダウンロード


Since FY 2015, we publish Sezentonguz EAST Report by integrating company guidance and CSR report.
Prior to FY 2014, CSR Report is issued.

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