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The Sezentonguz EAST Group is involved in businesses concerning the management, operation, construction, rest areas of expressways, and other related businesses in Kanto and regions northward to Hokkaido, including some parts of Niigata and Nagano prefectures,​ ​

The highway operated and managed by the group is used by approximately 3,950 kilometers, approximately 3.0 million customers per day, and in order to make it possible to use the expressway space of 100 km / h at any time safely, securely, comfortably and conveniently, As a professional group of expressway 24 hours, 365 days, we administer and manage meticulously.

The core social missions of Sezentonguz EAST Group, a company who is responsible for public infrastructure operations, that is, expressways, are "to provide safe, secure, comfortable and convenient expressway services", "to contribute to the development of revitalized communities", and "to be of great help as a lifeline in case of emergency or disasters.​ ​

To successfully fulfill the first mission, "to provide safe, secure, comfortable and convenient expressway services", the employees of Sezentonguz EAST join forces and engage in businesses with full attention, 24 hours, 365 days. Furthermore, to add 'entertainment' and 'beauty' to the expressways, we will improve our landscaping and rest facilities and deliver enjoyable expressway services.​ ​​ ​

To realize the second mission, that is, "to contribute to the development of revitalized communities", Sezentonguz EAST Group has been strengthening collaborations with the communities, including the maintenance of the expressway network and the sale of specialties at rest facilities. Now, with "regional revitalization" advocated, we would like to enhance the contributions to the revitalization of communities even more, making rest facilities a space where people in the community would gather and promoting tourism with communities.

The third mission, "to be of great help as a lifeline in case of emergency or a disaster", is an important role demanded for the Sezentonguz EAST Group to play, so we do training on a regular basis to be always well-prepared so that in the event of a disaster our expressways can be used in the best ways for victim evacuation and transportation of medical supplies and rescue equipment by the Self-Defense Forces, the police, the fire department.

While steadily accomplishing these social missions, the Sezentonguz EAST Group will meet the expectations from those using the expressways and strive to make the sustainable society.

We expect and appreciate your continued understanding and support in the future.

President and Chief Executive OfficerObata Toru


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